ERKKI KURENNIEMI – A Man From The Future

ERKKI KURENNIEMI – A Man From The Future

Erkki Kurenniemi – A Man from the Future is a collection of research articles about Erkki Kurenniemi. The researchers study Kurenniemi’s person, career and activities from diverse perspectives. The themes of the publication range from media archaeology, musicology and instrument construction to critical discussions of Kurenniemi’s visions and careful media analysis.

The writers of the publications are Kai Lassfolk, Mikko Ojanen, Susanna Paasonen, Jussi Parikka, Jyrki Siukonen and Jari Suominen.

The articles can be printed either individually or as a collection.


Publisher: Finnish National Gallery, Central Art Archives
Series: Central Art Archives 25
Copyright: Finnish National Gallery and writers 2013
Editor: Maritta Mellais
Visual design: Kide Concepts / Maari Fabritius
Photographs: Central Art Archives: Jenni Nurminen, Pirje Mykkänen, Martti Brandt, Erkki Kurenniemi, Kai Lassfolk, Mikko Ojanen
Language consultation and translations: Turo Vartiainen

ISBN 978-951-53-3519-7
ISSN 1238-4100